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Enviornment @SSNC

Being located in the outskirts of the city, Swami Shraddhanand College campus holds enough space for not only fulfilling the amenities of students but also has wide prospects for carrying the ecosystem services. The college authority is conscious and committed to achieve the goal of sustainable development by endowing constant efforts for ecosystem restoration.  Although the whole campus has rich plant diversity but a separate area as “Botanical Garden” is devoted for growing valuable herbs in college campus. In 2020, one acre land of the campus is devoted for the development of "Saghan Van" (small dense forest), which will act as a lung in near future and will help in maintaining the air quality of not only the campus but the nearby locality too. A record of growing “1000 saplings” in less than an hour was made to cultivate the same. The green campus is indeed a place of many birds, butterflies and bees which indicates the healthy ecosystem. The open green lawns are able to recharge the ground water during rainy season but for efficient water conservation, the “Water Harvesting System” is made in the lawn of new campus. The college is equipped with “Solar Panel” of capacity 50 KW on the roof top of new campus, inaugurated on 24th Nov. 2020, which has reduced the dependency on the power grid and is able to support the electricity requirements of college. The “eco-friendly activities” and various such practices are being regularly held for developing the “Ethical And Moral Values” in students which are essential for conserving our environment.

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