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Cultural Society

From the Convenor's Desk:

The contributions and achievements of the cultural society of Swami Shraddhanand College have been noteworthy and much acclaimed since its inception and are moving towards greater heights with each passing year. There are a wide variety of activities including dance, music, debating, arts and crafts, dramatics, fashion etc. that a student can participate in through the cultural society throughout their time in the college. Students get a wholesome feeling of the college and build better personalities by taking part in various cultural events both in and outside of the college. I am sure that the society will rise more and more by the toil and dedication of our young students.

Dr. Shiva Upadhaya

Cultural society's convenor

Cultural Societies@SSNC

Shraddha Tarang@2022
AAINA - Street Play society
Majestic Drovers - Fashion society
Metanoia - Western Dance Society
Pravaad - Debating society
Renaissance - Creative arts society
Rivaayat - Folk dance society
Swaraansh - Music society
Lensation - Photography and Videography society